As a chef, I spent nearly as much time in the kitchen creating as I did outside the kitchen with producers, such as farmers, learning about the the ingredients that go into the cuisine I was crafting.  Like many chefs, I believe that if we value the ingredients in our food, putting them out front and intentionally complementing their natural flavors, we will enjoy our food experiences better.  Flavor should make sense and not act as a means to mask.  

Bloombox's first line of dressings came from conversations that I had with farmers about how yesterday's dressings cover up the amazing natural flavors of today's greens, not allowing them to be experienced in the way the farmer intended.  As an example, the slight bitterness and citrus of kale is complemented by the sweet nuttiness of aged sherry vinegar and the floral undertones of honey in our Kale Dressing. 

Today, you'll find a wonderful selection of fresh, locally sourced produce at most grocery stores.  I believe that their flavors should be complemented, not concealed.  I created Bloombox to help you achieve this and enjoy intentionally good food.